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Johnson and Associates consults to leading businesses and governments to develop and deliver an organizational advantage by improving and successfully implementing human resource programs. We help our clients through change, creating new organizational models, improving the value-added of programs, and increasing the effectiveness of their current programs. Additionally we understand our success is tied to our clients results, so we go the extra distance to ensure our products and services are carefully tailored to your organization. Our key service areas are:

Leadership Organizational Strategy Total Rewards and Compensation Executive Coaching

Developing current and future leaders is crucial to the success of any organization, particularly those capable of leading in a global, ever-chan ging and diverse workforce.

Despite this, only 31% of organizations feel they are effective in building the next generation of leadership capabilities.

Is your organization ensuring leaders work collaboratively? Or that critical knowledge is being retained? How many of your leaders ensure a culture of innovation and execution?, Is your organization actively identifying and training the next generation of leaders?

Using Kirkpatrick's proven leadership model Johnson and Associates can help you improve your leadership and business results.

- Level 1: Looking at experience and reaction to situations
- Level 2: Moving from experience and reactions, to knowledge
- Level 3: Leaders transform their knowledge into everyday behaviours
- Level 4: When these behaviours become common place they allow leaders to effectively drive business results


Despite the advantages of a strong organizational strategy many companies continue to have a disconnect between their business and organizational strategies. Johnson and Associates can help organizations develop a clear direction to link their business and HR functions.

Johnson and Associates is also an expert in analyzing and adjusting organizations cultural alignment. When organizational structures and culture meet, culture is often the more powerful force. One common element of all high performing organizations is they posess a culture of execution, and we can help you select the right strategies to develop this.

As one of the largest expenditures for an oranization, employees can also be their largest competetive advantage when the right strategies are in place. Firms with organizational strategies for human resources see:

- Higher Shareholder Return
- Higher employee productivity
- Improved employee engagement
- Lower turnover and higher retention of key employees (saving 3-5x the salary of an involuntary turnover)
- Moving median HR practices to top quartile increases revenues $20,000 per employee

Compensation can be 50-80% of an organizations expenses, are you getting the most for it? Employee pay is one of the top three drivers for attracting new talent to your organization - but isn't a major factor in retaining employees?

Employee pay will attract employees,but it takes a full rewards program to retain and motivate employees. To help you navigate the variety of ways to use rewards to attract, motivate and retain employees give us a call.

Johnson and Associates brings significant experience in this field to our clients

- Developing a compensation strategy
- Designing and implementing job evaluation systems
- Advising on internal compensation equity
- Improving external market competitiveness through market salary surveys
- Creating program policies and administration systems
- Developing incentive programs
- Reward and recognition strategies

Executives today are experiencing times of unprecedented organizational change and complexity. This can mean increasing revenues, cost reductions, globalization, employee productivity or industry or global economic issues; and are expected to complete this tasks with fewer resources than ever.

As an executive, you will develop insight into the skills and behaviours necessary to achieving your results. The coaching relationship is designed to encourage dialogue, reach new insight, and to develop new skills and behaviours.

Johnson and Associates can either work with an individual personally, or work with an organization as a corporate executive coach.


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